SMITH: The long line outside of a nightclub, elite colleges publishing the enormous number of applicants they reject that is the same thing. Weltman says we all want to be part of some club and that is just out of reach. And staying just out of reach, even for the super rich, that is exactly why the Birkin has been at the top of the handbag food chain for 30 years.

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If you dreamed that you were in a car accident, this often reflects conflict in our waking life. This type of car dream can also point to hardship and trying times in our life. It is possible that your car dream is symbolizing that you are on the wrong path or you have veered of course.

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There are also exclusive vintage Aviator sunglasses for women that some of the biggest names in fashion make. Women can find entire ranges of Aviator sunglasses in various color structures and textures. This enables women to match and contrast their Aviator sunglasses with their outfits.