Public Charters

Happy Hour Sunset – This resident standard is generally offered on Fridays…a downwind sail into Grace Bay and the setting sun on a classic sailing yacht (with great music, beer, nibbles and a bottomless mug of rum punch!). $60/adult and $45/kid.

Glow Worm Sunset – A unique, local phenomenon offered every month on the 3rd, 4th and 5th nights after the full moon…a front row seat to the mating ritual of the resident “glow worm”. Right on cue, 50 minutes after sunset, the male and female worms perform a phosphorescent tango (to our mood-music playlist) that, on a good night, will light up the channel. $70/adult and $50/kid.

Night with da Stars – The Turks and Caicos Islands are truly “Big Sky” country. Away from the bright Grace Bay lights, the sky comes alive. After witnessing the setting of our closest star (aka the Sun) while sailing down Grace Bay, we nestle the boat between Donna and Mangrove Cays. As darkness descends, while laying on your back and facing the heavens, we highlight planets, stars, constellations and satellites with our powerful laser pointer. To infinity and beyond! $80/adult and $60/kid.

Public Sail & Snorkel – This 4.5 hour excursion (generally offered once a week) takes you out to the Barrier Reef for snorkeling, followed by casual cruising up the Caicos Cay chain as far as Ft. George Cay (4 Cays up the chain). Desert island beachcombing, “diving for (sand) dollars” and hands-on sailing experience included. We provide beer, rum punch, soft drinks, water, nibbles, snorkel gear and traditional TCI sailing on a one-of-a-kind little ship. $120/adult & $85/kid.