How long are your Private Day and Sunset Trips?
For Sail & Snorkel trips, we offer 4, 5 and 6 hour Private Charter packages. 5 and 6 hour packages can include lunch (high-end picnic) on request. Sunsets (Happy Hour, Glow Worms and Star Cruise) are 2 hours long.

Do you provide shade on the boat?
Absolutely…for us solar radiation is an occupational hazard! The main cockpit is always shaded (be warned of the skipper’s bad jokes) and the main deck is shaded except when sailing. When sails are up, at least half of the boat is shaded.

Do you have lifejackets aboard?
Yes…for every person on the boat. Sun Charters is fully licensed by the Turks & Caicos Maritime Department and our safety equipment is inspected annually.

Where do you leave from?
Directly in front of the Blue Haven Marina Office in Leeward…under the Marina Office sign you can see from outer space. Just Google Map Sun Charters/Atabeyra.

Do you provide transport?
No, but we can recommend several good taxi drivers who work with us regularly and offer discretionary rates. We are 5 minutes from most Grace Bay Resorts.

What is in the lunch package?
A high-end, deli -style lunch is an option for our Private 5 and 6 hour Sail & Snorkel trips. We can cater to all needs and tastes.

What refreshments are served?
On all trips we serve beer, rum punch, bottled water, sparkling water, soft drinks and chips & salsa. On our Public trips, in addition to our standard fare, we encourage you to bring you own goodies.

What is your cancellation policy?
We ask for a major CC to reserve the day. There is no obligation by our guests if they give us at least 24 hours’ notice before cancellation.

When is payment taken?
Generally when our guests are back on the dock with stars in their eyes!

How big is the boat?
69’ LOA…18’ beam…4’ draft.

How many crew are aboard?
You will always have a Captain and two Crew aboard. For larger groups we add additional crew.

Where do you go?
We typically cruise the Caicos Cay Chain and snorkel the Barrier Reef. Every trip is different based on tide and wind direction. The Crew are highly motivated to give our guests the best that can be offered on that particular day.

How long have you been operating?
Atabeyra was built by the owners in 90-91 and operated as a cargo ship (supplying our own Farmers’ Market) between Turks & Caicos and the Dominican Republic until 1997. She has been operating as a charter yacht since ‘97. Atabeyra is considered the “Tall Ship of the TCI”.

Do you provide snorkel gear?
Yes…we provide masks/snorkels and fins in most sizes. We encourage folks to bring their own if they like.

Do you provide towels?
No towels.

How many people can the boat hold?
Atabeyra is rated for 50 passengers but we average 12 on our Private trips, 20 on our Public Day trips and 40 on our Sunsets.

Can we see pictures?
Yes, in addition to the website, please check the TripAdvisor and Facebook links on this website. Or just Google Atabeyra (images) for 1000’s of pics.

A mouthful, but symbolic. Before Columbus arrived over 500 years ago, the resident Lucayan Indians thrived. Atabeyra was their most revered Mother Goddess.

The most recent addition to our fleet. Mamba is a Technohull Explorer 40 with twin Merc 450”s. She gets to where she is going really fast, and offers high-end Watersports options along with the standard gunk-holing, reef snorkeling and beach cruising.