Read Philippians 3:13 14. Never blame people or things for where you are today. Take responsibility for your own life and the choices that you make. Unfortunately for Barack, Jackson is jealous of his achievements in such a short time while Jackson has worked all his life to get treated like MLK, Jr. And now Obama has stolen his place under the sun! How dare Jackson react this way after all our struggles and traveling and meetings that took us all over the South to fight for equality for us all! Now that some of our work for the future is actually coming to fruition based on Barack’s position in the election polls, we have Jackson, an old, irrelevant, green eyed monster, continually rearing his ugly headed comments to help “defeat” our 50 years of civil rights work, just because of his ego! Jesse, get a grip dude! You have no right to speak for everyone any longer because you lost that privilege when you showed exactly who and what you are by making those on air comments about Obama a while back. If I had known that you would turn out this way, I would have never voted for you in 1984! You sound as though you have sold your soul to the Republicans, that is not too far fetched canada goose outlet seeing as though you have been seen as a contributor to the demise of MLK and were not exactly by his side as you claim when he was shot a fact that should have been made public long ago.

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