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You can check out the entire story at King Tantalus Watch What You Serve Your Family. Another famous king of the Phrygians was King Midas. He and his father rode into the capital, Gordium, on an onion cart. Our public sector is reeling under the burden of corruption and abuse of power by elites at the expense of the majority. Prof Stan Sangweni, a former chair of the Public Service Commission, made efforts to embed values based public service in the early 2000s by promoting a Public Service Integrity Management System. Had his values based approach been embraced and embedded in our public service ethos, we would not have had the unaccountability culture that culminated in state capture..

Goethe was not afraid to do that and that is something I really respect and take after myself. He also talks about having respect for others and God’s creation. The last thing I would like to point out is his push towards experiencing life first hand and making an effort to learn from your mistakes.

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