Also the isreali pilots who refuse to fly terrorizing attacks against the civilian population, just to spread fear and to show who the big boss is.On the other hand I despise our politicians who sell the interests of our nation just to satisfy the jewish lobbies. President Carter was the last president who had the guts to criticize that little punny nation, all others after him kowtow to the zionist cause. We pay dearly for this misguided policy, we lost the respect of the world and billions after billions of dollars are wasted.Peace in the ME? If you believe it then you just sit at home and wait for the Santa Claus and the Eastern Bunny, because you believe everything.Peace would mean all the jewish settlers leaving all the occupied territories, giving the water supplies back to the palestinians, Israel must give back hundreds of millions they took from the palestenians, etc., etc.Those dreamers of a Great Israel will never accept that and as long as our president promises a lot, but does very little in this case, we must just keep paying for the costs of israeli occupation.In this country we have no anti semitism, here we the non jews, the gois, have nothing to say.

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