It won’t be pretty: Moslawis have not forgiven the peshmerga for the looting in which they engaged in 2003. Yet sometimes there are no good options, although perhaps the bad can be blunted if the current crisis and its peak into a dystopian future encourage reconciliation among Iraq’s mainstream politicians. If not, not only will Iraq become Syria 2.0, but the ensuing storm could engulf other regional states like Lebanon and Jordan..

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The Critical Kids have other problems with the pictures, created not by Pugh but by an illustrator. They include a “shape shifting front porch,” as 11 year old Critical Kid puts it, as well as “a bunch of alive things that weren’t supposed to be alive,” says 5 year old Critical Kid. “That is so creepy.”.

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Mr. Mooch, did you mean it this week when you said Trump is “mentally declining” and “creating a corrosive, socially dividing cancer in the country”? Or did you mean what you just last year, that the job of president “requires the same quick thinking and ingenuity as working in the private sector. This is why Donald Trump is fundamentally suited for the office.”.

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