Temperatures rose by around 6C in 5000 years and leaving many large animals living in rapidly changing environments, still wearing their best winter coats.Such a shame as being stalked by 600lbs of cave lion would certainly liven up a trip to the recycling centre.Comment number 1. At 09:57 22nd Sep 2010, snady lady wrote: Great piece Jeremy,how amazing would it have been if these cats hadn’t died out in the UK? Down to us humans again,we’ve a lot to be ashamed of haven’t we? I’d like to see that woman try to put a cave lion in a wheely bin,don’t think she would even try or dare :DComplain about this comment (Comment number 1)Comment number 2. At 06:40 24th Sep 2010, the longhairedgit wrote: I think we might have played a major part in the extinction of the irish elk, but most of the giant mammals of the period were simply deselected by nature due to massively changing temperatures, and in particular the big cats being the apex predators were lost through a major loss of prey species.

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