Goode Jr., a longtime incumbent in southern Virginia. Goode has not conceded the close race and has 10 days to ask for a recount. Calls to his spokesman were not immediately returned. “It may seem obvious to Colin Kaepernick,” Feldman said in a phone interview Sunday. “It may seem obvious to someone on the outside looking at this. But collusion requires an agreement [between teams].

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canada goose factory sale Tonight’s Lost Land of the Tiger (BBC1) treats us to the discovery of a previously unknown population of tigers at high altitudes in Bhutan, but why don’t we have any lions or tigers in the UK? The answer is we did, until really very recently.Cave lions died out in the UK around 12 to 14,000 years ago, a relative blink of the eye in evolutionary terms and their extinction coincides with the point humans were getting into farming as the ice retreated from northern hemispheres.The earliest homo sapien fossils date from around 200,000 years ago, but our ancestors were making fire and hunting animals some 1.5 million years ago, so we lived alongside lions in Europe for quite some time and if circumstances had been different for the cave lion a trip to the high street might be a whole different affair.From skeletons found across Europe, we know these lions were up to 25 per cent bigger than a lion you might see in Kenya and thanks to primitive man’s desire to decorate his caves, we have a pretty decent idea what they looked like. Males had little or no mane, their tails were tufted and bodies had faint stripes.They lived in prides, they hunted northern Europe’s mega fauna (deer, elk, bison, horses) and while genetically they are considered a separate sub species, if you found one going through your bins, you’d be in no doubt what you were looking at.So what happened to the cave lion? As ice retreated from the northern hemispheres the quaternary extinction event took place but the jury is out as to what caused it. One thing is for sure, it was a bad time to be a big mammal. canada goose factory sale

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