Keith Powers (D), the city councilman who represents the district encompassing Trump Tower, said in a statement: “I recognize and understand the great deal of support behind the petition to rename 5th Avenue in honor of President Obama. President Obama embodies the best of our political system and leaves a remarkable legacy. The classiest President of our time deserves better than being honored next to the home of Donald Trump.

canada goose outlet canada The judge has also allowed protest footage captured by Oath Keepers, a right wing paramilitary group that tells its members to carry weapons at all times and prepare themselves for Civil War. Federal government is inundating the jury with video footage of the same broken windows in order to obscure the fact they have failed to present a compelling case to the jury, said Kris Hermes, a representative of Defend J20 Resistance. Indefensible for the Trump administration to spend millions of dollars to try nearly 200 people on several felonies for property damage.. canada goose outlet canada

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canada goose factory outlet The other opening act is an Improv theatre production that has garnered much attention in the Capital recently. Directed by Varoon Anand, “Unravel” is an interactive theatre production bringing experiences with mental health and wellness to the fore. Reflecting on their journey, Gaurav Singh, core team member of Kaivalya Plays and one of the players on stage, says, “During the show, we use the language of improv to recognise and highlight our journey with mental health. canada goose factory outlet

canada goose The Family is now known best for its sponsorship of the National Prayer Breakfast, an event that has especially attracted evangelicals. Under the leadership of Vereide’s successor, Doug Coe, religious leaders in the world of politics, business and culture come to Washington every February to share a meal and build networks among like minded believers. Since Coe started the gathering in 1953, every president from Eisenhower to Trump has attended.. canada goose

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