The law is “essentially worthless,” says Louis Schultz, whose frequent citations over too tall weeds in his Woolen Mills yard have been the subject of local news reports. “There are steps that somebody who’s going to disturb the soil should take to prevent erosion,” says Schultz. But in this case, the developer, he says, “clearly didn’t do it.”.

canada goose factory sale While the condition of surface waters can have an effect on drinking water, the CWA is not (and has never been) the primary protector of drinking water. Further, the most controversial aspects of the WOTUS rule relate to the assertion of federal jurisdiction over waters and wetlands with minimal connections to interstate waters that is, those waters and wetlands that are the least likely to have an effect on drinking water quality. Therefore, to characterize the debate over the WOTUS rule as a debate over “drinking water protections” is highly misleading.. canada goose factory sale

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