At the close of the 20th century, over half its territory was covered by forests, but the forested area is shrinking by an average of 290,000 hectares a year, equivalent to more than one percent. As for pollution, oil production, the main economic activity, has an environmental impact locally. However, the impact of refining the crude, and especially consumption, is much greater, said lvarez.Venezuela refines over one million barrels of oil a day, producing emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases and sulphur and coke residues, and its fleet of 5.5 million vehicles consume some 80 million litres of fuel a day.In the congested streets of Caracas, a concrete jungle set in a valley where five million people are crowded elbow to elbow, 2.3 million cars and one million motorbikes circulate, according to figures supplied by the mayors of the city five municipalities.have no precise figures for pollution, but the country has over 300 large waste dumps open to the skies.

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