In the bottom you can see the SD (already divided per game) of every season and below that there the average SD of the league in the past decade, the league with the smallest average SD is the one that usually the most competitive.This time I added a bunch of countries to add to the 21 in the other post, not all could be included because they don use a league format so that leaves us with 36 countries:Algeria, Morocco and South AfricaChina, Iran, Japan, Saudi Arabia hydro flask stickers, South Korea, Thailand and UAEArgentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and UruguaiUEFA top 20 leagues and PolandFirst Place: Morocco (SD=0,2681)Not many people could guessed this (me included) but having the most competitive season should be a good hint that this league is super competitive and the gap between the champion and the relegated teams rarely gets to 30 points, so it always close.Second Place: Portugal (SD=0,2867)Portugal has one the least competitive first divisions in the world but compensates with one the best second divisions, it so competitive that in the last 6 years 6 clubs won the Segunda Liga but only 5 clubs won the Primeira Liga in 84 years. We joke that it the best league in the world because it impossible to leave it. Teams finish in the relegation zone but stay up because those from the third tiers (regional divisions) have no money to compete at this level.5 teams get relegated from FNL.

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hydro flask stickers 3. This tutorial shows you how to create an Inkscape business card template by adding text fields hydro flask stickers, selecting fonts, and placing text objects on the card area. Kirsanov gives helpful pointers in choosing a good font for a business card. The fourth was a failed clear by Vlasic hydro flask stickers, and Jones still could have recovered in Braun didn take him out accidentally. He misplayed the fourth goal and arguably should have had a chance at the third, but I don think it fair to say Jones melted and everyone else played well. Vlasic, Braun hydro flask stickers, and Burns all especially had poor defensive games. hydro flask stickers

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hydro flask bottle To a lot of people that isThis post isn’t about you or me (I have something like 8k legendary shards) it’s about people like my friends who realized that the interesting ways of making their characters unique were literally behind a wall of hours and hours and hours of grinding and there weren’t even any rewarding and light versions of the fun stuff available to them to mess around with. Destiny is at its core a looter and the satisfaction comes from getting the cool item or making your character look a certain way.Don’t get me wrong there are certain elite things that only top players get. Frankly I think the forges are a great way at giving something high end players can have over others, I just don’t think mods are game breaking enough and it feels really bad that we aren’t able to experiment and be expressive without feeling punished.. hydro flask bottle

hydro flask tumbler 1 point submitted 19 days agoHm, red text on blue background is not a good idea. Just google for red text on blue background and you find thousands of articles stating why this isn a good ideaHurts the eyes and is not easy to read.Quick links are “Daily transfer threads and match threads”? I like the quick navigation, however moving text? To me, the “redesign” reminds me of a page from the 90s.Sorry for being so negative, but that just my honest opinion. Not criticizing the people who made this, rather the result.Algelach 8 points submitted 1 month agoHi u/mo05hy, and the rest of r/worldcup. hydro flask tumbler

hydro flask tumbler Docherty saved Manchester from relegation that season, only to see them relegated in 1974; by that time the trio of Best, Law hydro flask stickers, and Charlton had left the club. The team won promotion at the first attempt and reached the FA Cup final in 1976, but were beaten by Southampton. They reached the final again in 1977, beating Liverpool 2 1 hydro flask tumbler.