I agree https://www.hermesreplicasstore.com there needs to be a reason loot wise to go in there, as it stands right now its disappointing to farm. The DZ in the first game was 100x better. I wish they would just cap the world gear at 450 or 475 and make it so the DZ only drops 450/475+ gear.

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cheap hermes belt Look at the nerf to attachments just in the first patch. They don’t want you to be strong in any way. That’s why none of these builds are designed to do anything, because people get their feelings hurt lolJust want to start out by saying that I love The Division 2 and have a blast playing it, but I don bother with a lot of the game because it needlessly complicated and restrictive.I saved an item with +40% damage to elites so I could transfer it to another item using the recalibration station, but when I did, I found the transferred amount was capped at some ridiculously low number. cheap hermes belt

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