If he had come out even earlier, Stephanz doesn know whether it would have gone so smoothly.(KGTV) It a first in the history of the military, as the Pentagon officially recognized a local Navy veteran change of gender.Born a male, Autumn Sandeen said as a teen, she identified as a female.She joined the Navy, lived as male and kept her secret for two decades before retiring.I would have been myself, I would have been kicked out, said Sandeen.According to military guidelines, gender identity issues are a mental disorder and detrimental to good order and discipline.In 2011, as the ban on gays and lesbians was lifted, the transgender ban remained.best way to explain it is I felt like a bridesmaid, never a bride, said Sandeen.Twenty months later, a step down the aisle toward acceptance.felt tremendous, like I accomplished something, not just himself, but for the broader transgender community, said Sandeen. FULL POSTBy Phil Gast. Greg Botelho and Devon M.

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