Tighter controls should be implemented in the Treasurer’s Office to ensure the safe handling of money, they said in the report. Cash collections should be reconciled daily, rather than the previous practice of once a week. Cashiers should be individually responsible for the payments they receive, ending the practice of storing payments in an unsecured, sometimes unsupervised lock box.

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After a few other speakers, Angela Eastman took the mike to state that there is a divide in the community. “It feels like the threat of school closure has divided our community putting school against school and we’re not going to get anything done if that continues. There is also a bit of a divide between parents and a school board which really needs to be rectified.

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The daughter stated that she got out to speak with them only to wind up being physically attacked by both the mother and daughter, grabbing her hair and kicking her. She stated that it was during this time that a rock was thrown by her assailants that missed her but broke a nearby window. She struggled to get back into the van and locked the door.

cheap kanken Ancien lve de l’Universit Bishop’s et gagnant de plusieurs prix relis la photographie, Grant Simon s’est retrouv dans les Cantons de l’Est depuis la fin des annes 70. Avant d son propre studio, qui est aujourd’hui considr l des meilleurs de la rgion, il tait la tte du dpartement de photographie du journal The Record. Convoit par plusieurs personnages minents du Qubec pour faire prendre leurs portraits, Grant a t compar au dfunt et grand Yousuf Karsh cheap kanken.