The science of greenhouse warming is over 150 years old, from the days of Foote, Fourier and Tyndall. In the 1890s Arrhenius correctly predicted the greater heating we see at high latitudes. At least one newspaper, in New Zealand, informed its readers of the danger of atmospheric ‘carbonic acid gas’ in 1912.

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A father who brutalized his son and a mother who let it happen. Reker? I can say what I think. Won get past the censors. I know she told him to close his eyes when she stabbed him in his heart. Medical examiner said it would feel like a heart attack! 2nd she sat then pulled his head back and slit his throat ear to ear AND also had a sawing motion with the huge military knife, he was almost decapitated (if you followed the trial there is a photo of arias doing this) next she drug his bleeding body to his bathroom, pulled him into the bathroom stall and shot him between his eyes. Then she took a shower with Travis.

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